Changes in Norwegian visa process: Higher price and longer wait

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As of 6 August 2019 Vietnamese visa applications for Norway will no longer be handled in Vietnam. The same changes apply for Philippine applicants as of 5 August 2019. Instead, the applications will be sent to the Norwegian Embassy in Bangkok.

Applicants will have to apply via VFS Global in either Vietnam or the Philippines as previously. However, as the application must now be processed in Bangkok there is a courier fee of additional 11.5 euros on top of the regular visa fee of 20 euros for Vietnamese applicants. The price of the courier fee for Philippine applicants is not specified further.

Furthermore, this means that applicants of Vietnam and the Philippines can expect an extended handling process of 4-6 and 2-4 working days respectively. The embassies therefore recommend that applicants plan ahead.

All applications handed before the changes became effective will be processed by the respective embassies.

For more information stay up to date on the websites of the Norwegian embassies in Hanoi and Manila.

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