China eases visa policy for receivers of Chinese Covid-19 vaccines

Photo curtesy: Global Times, Xinhua/Ding Ting

As part of efforts to attract international travelers to China under strict epidemic prevention measures, Chinese embassies in at least 20 countries including Norway and Indonesia have recently started offering facilitation to visa applicants who have received a Chinese-produced COVID-19 vaccine, writes Global Times.

The notice states that applicants of a Chinese visa must have had both injections of one of China’s inactivated vaccines, or other types of Chinese vaccine with a single-dose injection at least 14 days before application and travelers coming to China for work, their family members, and foreign family members of Chinese citizens or permanent residents who come to China for reunions and visiting are included.

According to the Chinese Foreign Ministry, Certificates of negative results from COVID-19 nucleic acid tests along with IgG antibody tests are still needed to board a flight.

Global times reports that Ministry spokesperson Zhao Lijian on Tuesday said that the move is an exploratory action that aims to facilitate travel based on full consideration of the vaccines’ safety and efficacy, and it has no connection with vaccination mutual recognition.

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