Chinese-born girl allegedly killed by Norwegian stepbrother

Al-Noor Islamic Center where the young terrorist launched an attack after he allegedly killed his stepsister.

A 17-year-old Chinese-born woman was killed on Saturday 10 August 2019 by her 21-year-old stepbrother, Norwegian police believes.

The police found the lifeless body of Johanne Zhangjia Ihle-Hansen in the family’s home in Bærum after arresting the young woman’s stepbrother, Philip Manshaus in a mosque. The arrest was made after the suspect launched an attack on the mosque in his home town of Bærum the same day, his stepsister was found dead.

The 17-year-old was born in Jiangxi, China on June 18, 2002, but was adopted and brought to Norway when she was two years old.

“Johanne was a beloved daughter, wise, reflective, curious about life and society,” wrote her mother write in a statement issued by her publicly appointed. “She was a girl with lots of plans for the future. She was caring, loveable and fond of her home. The emptiness and sorrow over her loss is almost impossible to bear.”

Philip Manshaus, who is characterised as a right-wing extremist, has previously been in the under the police’s radar, as they were tipped about his extremist ideology. The 21-year-old has for instance said, that “only white Norwegians should live in Norway” and has warned of a “race war”.

However, at the time the police found no reason to contact Philip Manshaus after investigating him. A decision the police have now expressed their regrets about.

The suspect is now charged with his step-sister’s murder as well as attempted murder and carrying out a terrorist attack on the mosque.


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