Chinese Chamber of Commerce launches in Copenhagen

On the 8th of May, a Chinese Chamber of Commerce (CCCD) finally opened in Denmark, with 16 founding members to cut the ribbon and promote trade between the two countries.

And the Chinese enterprises behind the chamber, 16 companies, has made investments in Denmark totalling to about 2 billion kroner and created over a 1.000 jobs in the process.

The chairman of the chamber is Steve Wang, who’s the CEO of Mille Food. He is confident that the CCCD will boost exports, create jobs and generate tax revenue:

“The mission is to assist Chinese companies in achieving success by providing the members with business support, policy advice, information sharing, member networking and other membership services,” Steve Wang explains in a press release.

The chamber officially opened on the 8th of May, and currently has the following members:

Bank of China (Luxembourg) SA

Huawei Technologies (Denmark)

COSCO shipping Lines (Denmark)

Air China Ltd Denmark

Mille Food

BGI Europe

China Telecommunications Corporation Denmark

CRRC wind Power (Shandong) Co., Ltd Denmark

Goertek Europe (Dynaudo)

China Classification Society CPH

Envision Energy (Denmark)

Fansun Denmark R&D Center

Denmark CRRC Tangshan Locomotive& Rolling Stock service

Accelink Denmark

Danish-Chinese Organic Food Center

Mingyang Wind Power EU R&D Cente

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