Danes in Bangkok launch Kids Playgroups

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As part of the Danes Worldwide establishment of a Danish mother tongue school for kids in Thailand 32 energetic kids gathered in five playgroups to have fun while improving their Danish.

NiST had made their indoor playground available for the kids and their parents this 14th May. While the parents had a space to chat and have a coffee in, the children were in good hands of four volunteer teachers that orchestrated the structural playgroups from 8:30 am to 1 pm. The playgroups were arranged for small kids ranging from 2 to 5 years.

The children’s got the chance to speak Danish and learn new words while playing with peers. Some of them got to speak Danish for almost the very first time and some of them enjoyed the rare occasion to speak Danish with other kids. The playgroups was divided into different difficulty levels.

Mai Ellegaard, parent and initiator behind a Danish school in Thailand, reports of very positive reactions: “People were very excited both parents and kids, and the volunteers did an amazing job. Most of us were sticking around for a little while after it ended. At one point the older kids wanted to join to play as well. So overall I think it went very well”.  

The playgroup arrangement is the first of six that will be taking place at NiST the following Saturdays. It’s part of the preparation and gathering of experiences before the Danes Worldwide School takes off this next coming school year. This means that it’s also open for anyone who would like to try it out. After summer one have to be a member of Danes Worldwide to attend.

Photos by Steen Trolle.

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