Danes worldwide will keep fighting for vaccines for Danes abroad

An unknown number of Danes abroad are currently without any prospect of being able to receive either a corona vaccine in their country of residence or Denmark. So quite naturally, one of the questions that several of Danes Worldwide’s members are currently asking is: Can we as Danes abroad be vaccinated in Denmark?

Danes Worldwide has forwarded the question to the Minister of Health and has finally received an answer. But the problem is complex, and the Ministry of Health’s latest answer contains several ambiguities and opens up new questions in connection with the consequences of Denmark’s new epidemic law 1 March, 2021.

The short version is that Danes, especially residents outside the EU / EEA, who are not covered by EU law, still do not stand to be covered by Denmark’s vaccination program.

Danes Worldwide states that the answer is unsatisfying and they will continue to fight on behalf of the affected Danes abroad.

You can read the full answer in Danish from the Ministry of Health in the link here

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