Danes Worlwide presents new relevant webinars and events

Is your child about to enroll in a Danish school or would you like to chat with other Danes who have lived abroad?Illustration: Danes Worldwide.

Danes Worldwide presents various events and webinars relevant for Danes, and their family members, who are returning home either permanent or for a longer period of time;

Danes-træf i København
If you are a Dane who has been living abroad, Danes Worldwide would like to invite you to chat, coziness and a nature walk at the Nature Center Amager on 29 October 2022.
Information and registration: https://www.danes.dk/netvaerk-danes-traef-i-koebenhavn/

Efterskole eller gymnasium i Danmark
The webinar focuses on what to be aware of if your child is about to enroll in a Danish school. Gain knowledge on how you can help your child in the best possible way and what personal and professional capabilities a Danish boarding school or gymnasium can offer. The webinar takes place on 31 October 2022.
Information and registration: https://www.danes.dk/webinar-efterskole-eller-gymnasial-uddannelse-i-danmark-om-et-par-aar/

Bevar dit danske statsborgeskab
A guided tour through the process of seeking, or maintaining, a Danish citizenship. Join on 29 November 2022.
Information and registration: https://www.danes.dk/webinar-bevar-dit-danske-statsborgerskab-nov22/

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