Danfoss to build $7.7m refrigeration R&D center in China

Danish manufacturer Danfoss is to build a new US$7.7 million global refrigeration research, development and testing center in China

According to Danfoss China, the Danish manufacturer is to build a new global refrigeration R&D and testing center in China. The new 7,000m2 center will be dedicated to research and development and will be located in the Wuqing District, Tianjin. The new R&D and testing center is expected to be completed within the next year.

Danfoss reports that the new Testing Center will have an important impact on the green development of the refrigeration industry and Danfoss’s global research and development layout. The center will be equipped with leading-edge technology and also meant for testing of environmentally friendly refrigerant alternatives, inverter technology for refrigeration and air conditioning compressors, and heat pump applications.

Xu Yang, President of Danfoss China describes China as the company’s second home market and one of the most important bases in Danfoss’ global research and development territory.

Wuqing will become the global field for the development and production of commercial compressors.

Source: Cooling Post


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