Danish agricultural delegation visited Thailand

A delegation from the Danish food and agriculture sector visited by the end of September and early October 2023 leading Thai companies to deepen close collaboration on sustainable food production.

The Embassy of Denmark in Thailand welcomed on 27 September 2023 a delegation from the Danish Agriculture & Council (DAFC) and Danish veterinary and food administration together with 12 Danish livestock and food processing companies to Thailand.

The week-long visit focused on the rising demand for health-conscious, safe, and high-quality food and production with minimal environmental impact across the entire food chain.

The growing global demand for sustainable food and green environmental friendly production and products underscores the need for collaboration between Denmark and Thailand.

Both countries are leaders in the food industry. Thailand stands out as one of the world’s leading food and agricultural suppliers, and Denmark has a high efficient production with low greenhouse emissions. It is a trademark for Denmark with less input while increasing profits without compromising on quality.

The Danish companies had great discussions with leading Thai companies within the food sector, including CP Foods, Thai Foods Group and Betagro Group, and the visit is expected to result in closer collaboration between Thailand and Denmark within the whole food value chain.

Highlights from the visit:

Round table conference
18 Thai and Danish companies participated in a round table conference where they discussed innovative solutions and the challenges to increasing food production while minimizing resource usage and environmental impacts.

Return of the red cow to Thailand
The Danish Embassy visited DPO Thai-Denmark Milk together with the Danish Veterinary and Food Administration and the Danish Agriculture and Food Council to revitalize our Red Cow Diplomacy with Thailand. A donation made by VikingGenetics to Thailand of top-quality red cow embryos and semen from Denmark secures the future of the red cow in Thailand.

Approval of Danish beef in Thailand.
Thailand’s Department of Livestock Promotion has approved eight slaughterhouses in Denmark to export beef and edible offal to Thailand. With this approval, Danish beef will soon be available in Thailand.

The delegation consisted of Danish companies involved in the entire food value chain, with a specific focus on sustainable food processing, value addition, and increased efficiency across various sectors, including breeding and genetics, feed and feed additives, farm equipment and biosecurity, and food processing and laboratory technology, as well as infrastructure, cold storage, and transportation.


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