Danish tourists enjoy learning about Thai traditional cultures in Samut Songkhram

Photo by Baanrimklong Homestay Facebook.

Six Danish tourists traveled to Thailand for the first time have chosen to stay at a accommodation named “Baanrimklong Homestay” in Samut Songkhram of Thailand where they were warmly welcomed and taught about several Thai traditional practices.

Danish tourists making Thai desserts. Photo by Baanrimklong Homestay Facebook.

The Facebook account of Baanrimklong Homestay shared pictures of them exploring the place’s coconut field and learning to make Thai food and desserts that have coconuts as one of the ingredients.

Viewing from the pictures, they seemed to enjoy immersing themselves into the different cultures. Besides cooking and trying new food and desserts, the foreigners also participated in Thai, Buddhist way of merit-making every morning.

Photo by Baanrimklong Homestay Facebook.

They were dressed in long, colorful skirts called “Sarongs”, which are traditionally made in the North Eastern region of Thailand and offered food and drinks to a monk who came in a boat along the nearby river of the homestay.

Source: Baanrimklong Homestay Facebook

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