Danish and Swedish passengers stranded in Bangkok

About 200 passengers from Denmark and Sweden are stranded at Bangkok airport after their flight from Krabi to Bangkok was delayed due to problems with the airport’s electricity.

The passengers are stranded because the flight they would otherwise have been on took off without them and there are no other available seats on flights to Europe.

Initially, Thai Airways, which is the airline behind the delayed departure, blamed bad electrical installations for the problems.

Later, the airline has chosen to pay for the return journey for the stranded passengers, Politiken writes.

The blackout at Krabi airport lasted a few hours and meant there was no light on the runway, so planes could not take off or land.

The first available departures from Bangkok airport is on Wednesday or Friday and will consists of several stops.

Aftonbladet has spoken to Jonas Broström, who works as a sales manager at Thai Airways in Sweden. He cannot say how long it will take to get all the stranded passenger’s home.

“That’s impossible to say. But we want to make sure they get home as quickly and safely as possible,” he says.

Source: BT.dk

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11 Comments on “Danish and Swedish passengers stranded in Bangkok”

  1. Scandinavians are among the fewest ‘best travellers’ to Thailand. Now if you were Russian or Chinese you would have been treated better. Tough luck it happens to every nation here.

  2. Well Malaysia airlines in the COVID cancellation debacle never honoured my ticket or gave give me another flight, and my $800 dollars lost forever, never fly Malaysia again, only Emirates airlines seem to have and integretary in Asia, the rest have no idea what service is just give me money,

  3. Never take connecting flights with short middle time..
    Eather the luggage doesn’t come through or you miss the next flight.

  4. What else can go wrong at the Nation Airports.
    Why are Airport Operational CEO’s not competent enuff to have back up generators at Airports and their runways.

    I bet the Air Ports Flight Tower had plenty of back up electricity for their other security, radars and and emergancy communications just in case an black out would occur?

    Even the Eskimos have electricity when needed.

    Who can we give the Darwin Award this time?

  5. All these airlines are great until something goes wrong then they show the true colours you have holiday insurance now is the time to use it and let’s see the true Colours then of the insurance companies

  6. All Thai Airlines are the worst in the World, they think they are the only airlines in the world, it’s best to never fly with them.

  7. Over at Suvarnabhumi airport on the same day, hundreds of passengers were also stuck at customs and immigration taking 2 hours to clear both for me and missing my flight to Singapore together with others who also missed theirs.
    Scenes were chaotic at immigration where no officers were on hand to control crowd and people were getting into wrong lines and jumping queues.

  8. Scandinavian tourists have always been the best tourists and visitors to Thailand.So we have to make sure everything should be provided and taken care of them while they came to Thailand.Needless to say, previous THAI airlines management we had SAS staffs worked alongside with us before so our relationship between Thailand & Scandinavia people are absolutely close and must maintain for many years to come!

  9. Thai Airlines has shafted many Australians, promising ‘travel credits’ and then not delivering, using the not speaking English, asking for ticket numbers, despite the bookings being secured with full payment.
    I don’t know how it works overseas, but in Australia, you book, you pay, your flights are confirmed and you turn up at the airport of departure, show your passport and are issued with a boarding pass… no tickets

  10. Great to be aware and informed of unfortunate developments
    Hearts breaking sometimes, buy it is life, chances humans take a times

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