Danish Business Delegation to the Philippines

The Confederation of Danish Industry and the Royal Danish Embassy in Kuala Lumpur invite Danish companies to join a business delegation to the Philippines on 4-7 November 2013.

The Philippines has a lot to offer: A large domestic market, a gateway to Southeast Asia, a diversified economy and one of the fastest growth rates in the region.

The 4-day event will offer the delegation the chance to learn about current trends and business opportunities in the Philippines, while providing tailored network opportunities and access to government officials and industry representatives. Also, the participants will get to meet producers and industry experts and get their views on challenges and opportunities within the region.


Opportunities within all sectors
The Philippines has in recent years restored macroeconomic stability as a newly industrialized country, with a growing economy focused on services and manufacturing. This makes a profitable business environment, and foreign investments in the Philippines are set to grow at 5.8 per cent per year until 2017.

The Philippines is the world’s largest provider of business process outsourcing. This is due to low labour costs, a highly skilled and educated work force and high proficiency in spoken English. From Denmark, Maersk and Vestas have set up their own BPO offices in Manila.

The business delegation will focus on sectors with a great demand such as:
·       Green Energy
·       Infrastructure Development
·       Water & Waste Water Management
·       Food & Food Technology

This business delegation aims to provide the participating Danish companies with a clearer direction in accessing the Philippines market and generate key business leads and new opportunities.

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