Danish Crown Princess to visit Indonesia

danish crown princess mary
HRH Crown Princess Mary of Denmark to visit Indonesia. Photo: Stine Avnbøl on Commons Wikimedia

HRH Crown Princess Mary of Denmark will be going to Indonesia for the sake of sexual and reproductive health and rights.

Along with Rasmus Prehn, the Danish Minister for Development Cooperation, and Natalia Kanem, Executice Director for the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA), she is visiting from 2 to 4 December.

The aim is to get an insight on how sexual and reproductive health and rights are maintained and obstacles are tackled in the country.

The Crown Princess has been patron for the UNFPA since 2010 and has especially focused on the battle against child and mother mortality, as well as circumcision of girls and women. Furthermore, it has also been a prioritised goal to ensure gender equality and the right to a healthy life for both men and women.

The schedule is quite busy as it consists of two parts in the few days of the visit.

During the first part, the Crown Princess and her travel companions will learn how men, young people and religious leaders work to promote and secure sexual and reproductive health and rights.

This part will also include examples of how women’s health is ensured on their work place when they for instance fall pregnant.

The second part of the visit takes place on the main island of Java. On the occasion of the 70 year anniversary for diplomatic relationshipbetween Denmark and Indonesia, the Crown Princess will be present when the celebrations are initiated.

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