Danish DTU student’s solar power house qualifies for Solar Decathlon China

Solar Decathlon China (SDC), the world’s largest student competition has selected a project by students from The Technical University of Denmark (DTU) to participate in the competition for the most energy-efficient and well-designed solar energy house.

More than 30 projects have applied to participate in the competition and 15 projects have been selected, amongst these, DTU’s solar energy house named Aurora. The group of 30-40 DTU students are working with a concept for a house that utilizes the latest knowledge about circular construction, sustainability, healthy indoor climate, integration of smart technology, etc. in addition to being heated with solar energy.

Christian Rønne, Associate Professor at DTU Civil Engineering and head of the courses in DTU’s Solar Decathlon project says to India Education Diary that Aurora has qualified with a high level of architectural design. He adds that the challenge for the project now will be to get DTU’s researchers and external enterprises to develop new technologies that the students can integrate into the house, so that they can realize the visions of a solar energy house with a good indoor climate that meets all sustainability aspects.

Solar Decathlon is a group project spanning over two years divided into phases. The Solar Decathlon finals will be held in October 2021 on the outskirts of Beijing and in 2022, the houses will be used as guest residences at the Winter Olympics in China.

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