DTCC: Danes abroad facing dilemma regarding approved vaccine requirements

Danish-Thai Chamber of Commerce has sent out a letter to its members stating that approved vaccination tests soon will be a requirement before traveling to Denmark. In the letter Michael Andersen, Secretary General and President Claus Rasmussen highlight some of the dilemmas facing Danes abroad regarding covid-19 vaccinations and the plan of action forward.

The letter reads:
“As more countries, including Denmark, will require a vaccination certificate to be able to enter the home country, this requirement may stand in the way of any visit/return trip to Denmark.

Danes abroad risk falling between two chairs in the corona vaccination programs: They are apparently not covered by the Danish program and as foreigners, they are often not covered by the program in the country of residence either. In addition, in most countries, the current case is that if a vaccine is delivered at all, the program is administered by the national health authorities and you as a foreigner cannot gain access – not even for a fee or through private health insurance. There might also only be access to vaccines that are not approved in the EU – for example, SinoVac, and with such, entry to EU countries, including Denmark, is currently not guaranteed.

Danes Worldwide will meet with the Danish Parliament’s Health Committee next week about this issue. In this connection, the DTCC has given its support together with the Danish chambers in China so that Secretary-General Anne-Marie Dalgaard can win a hearing in the Danish parliament on our behalf.

I have also asked for joint support from the Danish Business Alliance in Asia (DABA / 11 chambers) to provide a joint mandate for DWW’s meeting in the coming week. All in the hope that we can ensure that there will be an approved quality vaccine available to us Danes in Thailand and Asia in general.

This is therefore also a strong invitation to the members to sign up for the DTCC webinar on February 17, 2021.”

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