Danish embassy took Vietnamese journalists on Wind Farm press tour

On 5 December, the Embassy of Denmark in Vietnam invited 15 Vietnamese journalists on a press tour to the Phu Lac Wind Farm, that features Danish wind turbines.

Photo: Embassy of Denmark in Vietnam

During the visit, the journalists, from various print, radio, TV and online media, were given the opportunity to learn more about how wind energy works and share information with experts from Vestas, a Danish manufacturer of wind turbines.

The aim of the tour was to inform the journalists about Vietnam’s potential in terms of geography and wind power resources to generate electricity.

Phu Lac Wind Farm features 12 Vestas V100-2MW wind turbines, which have delivered 24 MW of clean, independent and reliable power to Vietnam since September 2016, according to the Embassy of Denmark in Vietnam.

Vestas was founded in 1945 and is today the largest wind turbine company in the world.

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