Danish ex-minister claim China hacked his phone

The previous Danish Minister Uffe Elbæk accuse China of being responsible for hacking his cell phone back in 2021. He makes this statement after USA says that China was, in 2021, targeting members of a political movement which he supported.

In 2021 Uffe Albæk discovered that his phone had been hacked. It wasn’t possible to tell who had hacked his phone. The only information he got was that it was a third country.

Today he believes he was hacked by China. He has come to this conclusion because both USA and the U.K. has accused China of elaborate cyberhacking attacks towards western politicians, journalists, companies, and political institutions.

At this Uffe Elbæk was involved in the political movement Ipac, which voice critizism on China’s politics. There was allegedly sent e-mails to Ipac members to hack their devices.

“I cant say with certainty that it was China who hacked my phone, but i have always been convinced that it was. The new information only makes me more convinced,” Uffe Elbæk says to the Danish media Politiken.

Another Danish politician, Katarina Ammitzbøll, who also was a member of Ipac at the time was also hacked and also believes China was responsible.

Source: Politiken

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