Swede gets death penalty for drugs trafficking in Malaysia

A Swedish bar operator was sentenced to death by the High Court here on April 11 for trafficking in drugs two years ago, reported Asia One.

Photo: New Straits Times

Judge Noor Azian Shaari sentenced Ferry Linbark, 44, a Swedish of Iranian origin, after finding him guilty of trafficking in 4.3kg of methamphetamine at the Kuala Lumpur International Airport arrival hall at 10am on Dec 6, 2011.

The drugs were found at the bottom of Linbark’s bag.

In her decision, Noor Azian said the defence had failed to raise reasonable doubt on the prosecution’s case.

She said Linbark, who owns a bar in Pattaya, Thailand, had relied on mere denial in his defence against the charge.

“We, therefore, find the accused guilty.

“With no other alternatives available, the court has to impose a sentence of death as provided under the law,” she said.

Deputy public prosecutor Naziah Mokhtar from the Customs Department prosecuted while Linbark was represented by Manjit Singh and L. Ramesh.

A total of nine witnesses testified in the trial.


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  1. All the slanders, threats, accusations against Frey Linbark are false, deceptive. Delete Frey’s pictures from the internet and she is innocent, oppressed. She has a family. Everyone is upset and sick. She has good friends who help. She Release him from prison and pardon him. He must go to his homeland, Iran and Sweden.

    Delete his pictures from Google, delete, delete. Sending pictures was illegal. He has the religion of Islam.

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