Danish shooting target arrested in Phuket

Wanted Danish man Dennis Knudsen, 24, the intended target of last month’s shooting by an Aussie, was arrested in Phuket on February 3, The Phuket News reported.

Photo: Phuket Gazette

Knudsen was allegedly shot at on January 22 in Patong by Australian biker John Cohen who, along with his partner Mark Shea, had been looking for the Dane following a monetary dispute and spotted him on the back of a motorbike taxi.

Cohen missed Knudsen and instead hit two innocent German tourists, who had to be hospitalised with arm and shoulder wounds.

After their arrest, Cohen and Shea said Knudsen owed them B1 million – B380,000 for a big bike and the remainder in interest – and had paid them nothing. The court had confirmed earlier that day that they were entitled to the sum.

Kathu District Police Superintendent Pol Col Jirapat Pochanapant confirmed to The Phuket News that Knudsen was arrested by Chalong Police in Phuket on Sunday.

Knudsen was arrested for breaking bail conditions relating to when he rented a motorbike from the Australians in Phuket, then escaped to Pattaya with the bike and demanded the owners give him money before he returned the bike.

The case was reported to Kathu Police Station on August 27 and an arrest warrant was issued on the same day by Phuket Provincial Court.

Knudsen was arrested in Pattaya and sent back to Phuket, where he was released on bail. However he failed to turn up at court for hearings of his case.

Col Jirapat said Knudsen was now being held in custody at the Phuket Provincial Court. Australians Cohen and Shea had their bail refused last month and remain in police custody at Phuket Provincial Prison.

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Source: The Phuket News

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