Danish- and Swedish-Thais donate cash to anti-govt movement

Members of anti-Thai government protesters from Denmark and Sweden delivered THB140.000 in donation to the PDRC on the Pathumwan stage in Bangkok Wednesday night.

ScandAsia has earlier reported the story about anti-Yingluck protests in Denmark. These PDRC Denmark protests have attracted Thais from around Scandinavia who want to show solidarity with the protest movement in Thailand. These people have been collecting money, which was delivered by their representatives.

1920620_753920711293415_753044031_nOne of the representatives, Panitta Maneeyingskun, a Danish-Thai, was assigned to hand over the donation as she had already planned a trip to Thailand to attend a graduation party.

“It was a coincidence. Neither me nor my family are leading organisers of PDRC Denmark. I was chosen because it was convenient,” said Panitta, explaining that she also conveyed the goodwill and show of solidarity of Thais in Denmark and Sweden.

“They really want to help and show their support even though they are thousands of miles away. The protests in Denmark have been a big success and the fact that Thais from Sweden also travelled to be a part of those demonstration means a lot to all of us,” said Panitta.

Panitta Maneeyingskun and three other Scandinavian-Thais were welcomed on stage by Anchalee Paireerak, one of the protest leaders, and cheered on by the audience.

“It was a big experience, but it was also over quite quickly. I came on to the stage, handed over the money and the letter that we had written,” said Panitta, adding that the letter was read on stage for everyone to hear.

“The letter said everything that we felt for them. We want to help them. We sympathize with them and will do whatever we can to show our support. Thailand is in all of our hearts,” said Panitta. She said the fund-raising would continue.

“We are not finished yet. We still have demonstrations planned in Denmark and I am sure that we will be donating more money to the PDRC again soon,” she said.

2 Comments on “Danish- and Swedish-Thais donate cash to anti-govt movement”

  1. Thaksin has been bad for Thailand. His latest term in office – via proxy – has been an economic nightmare for the country. So I want to thank all the Thais and others in Denmark and Sweden for all your support to the anti-Thaksin movement.

  2. Shame on them. Supporting a bunch of terrorist.
    Supporting Suthep as he is killing his own protesters to
    get the Army involved.
    We don’t need people like this in Denmark. Kick them out, back to where they came from.

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