Decreasing Chinese demand makes Danish pork prices drop

The price on Danish pork is falling

After years with record-high prices on Danish produced pork meat, the price is now going down fast and substantially, DR writes.

The main reason behind this development is the lacking demand for Danish pork from the Chinese market. China has for some time been a big buyer of Danish pork due to an outbreak of pig flu in China. This meant that they were more dependent on imports.

Now, however, China has turned it around and are beginning to increase their own pork production. This has led to a decreased demand for Danish pork and therefore lower prices.

One of the pig farmers who has experienced the price fluctuation is Peter Koustrup from Tirstrup, Denmark.

“We have gone from earning DKK 8,30 on a kilo of pork to over DKK 14 and then back to DKK 9. So, it has been very different. You can comfortably say that it has been a roller-coaster ride,” Peter Koustrup says.

The changes in the pork market don’t concern Klaus Kaiser, who is the Business Economic Chief in the knowledge center SEGES, who is part of the Danish Agriculture & Food Council.

“We by default stand strong. We have a good competitive ability because the Danish farmers have a high efficiency but also because we are capable of delivering homogenous food products. We also have a transparent system for tracking products following veterinary considerations and we have a high standard of animal welfare relative to other countries,” Klaus explains.

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