Denmark’s pork exports continue to rise driven by demand in China

Danish pork is an enormously important export product for Denmark and at the end of May, the country had exported a total of 866,234 tonnes of pork abroad which is an increase of 70,811 tonnes compared to the same period last year.

According to media BT, China is the biggest taker of Danish pork with 272,221 tonnes exported to the Asian country followed by Germany which has imported 162,235 tonnes of pork this year. Japan and Poland are also among the major buyers of Danish pork meat.

But even though Denmark has exported several tonnes of Pork meat this year compared to last year, the Danish pork export still accounted for a higher amount of profit. BT writes that in 2020, Denmark exported pork at a total value of DKK 16.4 billion, while this year pork has been exported at a value of DKK 15.3 billion. 

This is due to lower quotations of Pork meat this year compared to last year.

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