Denmark advises Myanmar to build political parties’ capacity and cooperation

The capacity and cooperation of political parties play a key role in democratic reform, says Netherland and Danish democratic institutions.

Danish Institute for Parties and Democracy and Netherlands Institute for Multiparty held a seminar on ‘The role of political parties in democratization’ with the Myanmar Election Commission, political parties and civic organizations in Yangon on Tuesday and Wednesday.

The seminar focused on experiences encountered in world countries’ democratic transition, and the promoting of skills and cooperation of political parties.

One participant Thu Wai, chairman of Democratic Party (Myanmar), said: “One of the aims of the seminar is to have understanding among the parties. We political parties feel distant from each other. That is why those institutions wanted to bring us together. Another aim is that they wanted to share experiences gained during their tours of 27 countries and learn Myanmar’s democratic experiences.”

Political experts from South Africa, Indonesia and Nepal, which turned from dictatorship to democracy, also participated in the talks.

According to the Indonesian participant, Indonesia, a member of ASEAN, has trained more than 1,000 trainees in twelve democracy-related subjects at eight democratic training schools.
The seminar was co-sponsored by Nyein Foundation, one of the leading educational organizations in Myanmar.

Source: Eleven Myanmar

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