Myanmar’s pro-democracy student awarded in Norway

A prominent 88 generation student leader Min Ko Naing expressed his views in Norway’s Oslo recently that the 2015 general election is not the ultimate goal for democratic force but merely a milestone.


Min Ko Naing and Pyone Cho were on an European tour to Norway for the first time after being released from the prison, and while in Oslo, they met and exchange views with Myanmar community on February 17.

Min Ko Naing said, “No matter what happens (in the coming general election), we must be prepared well in advance in two prongs for the challenges. Some politicians will try their best to win most votes in the upcoming election”.

Concerning political activities outside the parliament, he continued, “The political forces outside the parliament would monitor and evaluate the voting in the election as their first step. The contesting parties would surely expect a free and fair election. The political parties will not accept if the winning party in the general election is denied seats at the parliament”.

“Democratic forces (NLD) made landslide victory in the previous election 1990. Winning party was denied forming a government. What will happen if they do not recognize the election results in 2015 general election?”, he asked, “the democratic forces must formulate ways and means to secure parliamentary seats that they deserved.”

While meeting with Myanmar families in Norway, Min Ko Naing discussed matters relating on current situation in Myanmar.

Min Ko Naing and Pyon Cho, 88 generation student leaders are visiting three European countries for 9 days with the agenda to receive the Student Peace Prize awarded by Norway.

Source: Eleven Myanmar

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