Denmark and Singapore in top ten over safest countries

A view of the results in graphics.The darker the green, the safer. Photo: Screenshot from GPI

Denmark and Singapore were ranked in the top ten over the safest countries in the world – an annual ranking done by the Institute of Economics and Peace to determine the safest nations.

Also known as the Global Peace Index (GPI) 2023, the study evaluates countries based on 23 different indicators. These indicators are grouped into three key domains: Ongoing Conflict, Safety and Security, and Militarization and all measure criteria such as levels of violence, crime, terrorism and international conflicts.

Here are the top ten listed:

  1. Iceland
  2. Denmark
  3. Ireland
  4. New Zealand
  5. Austria
  6. Singapore
  7. Portugal
  8. Slovenia
  9. Japan
  10. Switzerland

However, the organisation wanted to highlight Finland – although it isn’t on the list above. Because when it comes to measuring the ‘Safety and Security’ domain on its own, Finland is then taking the lead as the safest place to be.

Other interesting facts regarding the GPI study is, that the United States of America is listed quite low. In fact, both China, Saudi Arabia and Honduras are considered to be more peaceful than the U.S.

Source: Free Press Journal / Global Peace Index 

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