Denmark signs new maritime co-operation agreement with China

Denmark has signed a new maritime co-operation agreement with China that will allow Denmark to provide green solutions to the massive Chinese shipbuilding industry, The Business Ministry (Erhvervsministeriet) writes in a recent statement.

The agreement was signed by Denmark’s Minister of Trade and Industry, Simon Kollerup, and the Chinese Minister of Industry and Information Technology, XIAO Yaqing.

The Chinese shipbuilding industry is among the largest in the world, and the Danish maritime industry has a great interest in a collaboration with China on green shipbuilding. With the cooperation agreement, the industry expects to have a good starting point for increasing the export of green Danish maritime solutions to China, the Ministry states.

Speaking about the co-operation on green shipbuilding, Simon Kollerup says, “Denmark plays an important role as a green frontrunner for shipping, and the cooperation agreement is a recognition that the Danish maritime industry has a lot to offer internationally in relation to green shipping. Denmark and China have good cooperation in the maritime area, and the co-operation agreement will further strengthen the cooperation for the benefit of both the Danish maritime industry, the Danish economy, and the climate. ”

Green shipbuilding is one of the focus areas in the maritime strategic sector cooperation between Denmark and China, where the Danish Maritime Authority and the Danish Embassy in China work to promote green exports, green shipping, and maritime safety in collaboration with Chinese authorities.

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