Denmark to send $5.5 million to Indonesia

In a new political agreement between the government and the supporting parties it has been decided to send 37,5 million DKK ($5.5 million) to Indonesia with the purpose of starting a partnership focusing on an Indonesian green transition.

“Indonesia is a country with extreme economic growth, which contributes to combatting poverty and a rise in the overall living standard of Indonesia. But Indonesia is at the same time the sixth biggest emission of greenhouse gasses in the world – and amount that is only expected to increase the next years,” says the Foreign Ministry of Denmark in a press release.

“We will invest 37,5 million DKK to strengthen the partnership between Denmark and Indonesia, which will promote a sustainable development of the country,” adds the Ministry in the press release.

The political agreement will send a total of 150 million DKK to four different projects, amongst which one is the Indonesian green transition project. The others are projects in Mali, Uganda and an innovative fund for Danish NGO’s to promote sustainability.

Source: The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark

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