Digi: Internet for All

Digi Telecommunications – the Malaysian-Norwegian mobile operator – is pushing ahead its plans to provide “Internet for All”. A new promotion package is offering DG Postpaid bundled with a free Sony Xperia E mobile phone at RM50 per month.

On top of this, customers can buy the Mobile Internet Add-on service for RM28 per month which will give them 250MB Internet usage – enough to begin explore the world of mobile messaging, gaming and social media services like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


Many Malaysian mobile phone users are still using the phone only for talking and sending sms. Ting Shiew Han, Head of Products – Consumer & Business, explained:

“DiGi has 5.8 million mobile internet customers, including 3.0 million smartphone users, as of Q1 2013. This means there are still many people out there who prefer to interact via voice calls and SMS. The double value in talktime and SMS offered under DG Postpaid Simple would appeal to these consumers.”

“However, we have a long-term ambition to deliver Internet For All, enabling people to enjoy a richer mobile experience with any device on any platform. With DG Postpaid Simple, we have made it easy and relevant for customers to venture into the realm of mobile surfing through the worry-free Mobile Internet Add-on feature. By signing up for the postpaid plan and opting for the add-on feature, customers can start trying out mobile Internet from as low as RM28 per month on their brand new free smartphone.”


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