Embassy of Sweden in Bangkok on the Swedish Institute Management Programme Asia

Photo: Melker Dahlstrand, Margareta Bloom Sandebäck

The Embassy of Sweden in Bangkok recently updated the following statement aimed at inspiring ambitious leaders in Thailand to join the Swedish Institute Management Programme Asia:

“Are you one of the most #ambitious and #innovative leaders in Thailand? Do you want to learn more about #sustainable business practices and responsible leadership? Join the Swedish Institute Management Programme (SIMP) Asia 2021 and learn how to transform sustainability into a competitive advantage and become part of a strong, long-lasting professional network.

SIMP offers you proven tools and knowledge from experts to put sustainability at the heart of your strategy and take your leadership to the next level.

What will you get?

In-depth knowledge and skills about sustainable business practices.

Capacity and knowledge to lead change and promote sustainable business practices in your organization.

Customized expert coaching based on your and your organization’s needs.

Access to relevant representatives from the public and private sector in your region and Sweden to exchange views, knowledge, and experiences.”

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