Tove Goldmann is the newest member of the team at the Embassy of Sweden in Bangkok

In a recent update, the Embassy of Sweden in Bangkok introduces the new First secretary at the Development Cooperation Section of the embassy – Tove Goldman.

Tove Goldman explains that she will take up the role as First Secretary where she will work with environment and climate change issues in Sweden’s regional development cooperation in Asia and the Pacific.

Speaking on how to overcome climate change, Tove Goldman says, “Combatting and reducing the effects of climate change is the defining issue of our time. But in order to overcome it, I think we need to focus on the many benefits of climate action – who would not want clean air and water, livable cities, green jobs, or energy independence?” 

On a more personal level, Tove Goldman describes herself as curious, helpful, and down-to-earth. Tove Goldman is a vegetarian and Thai cuisine is her favorite cuisine with all the fresh and delicious Thai vegetables available. Moreover, she is especially fond of mangos and is really looking forward to Thailand’s mango season, the embassy writes. 

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