EU agriculture stakeholders invited to Southeast Asia trade delegation 2022

The European Commission’s Directorate-General for Agriculture and Rural Development is inviting its member state companies and organizations to participate in a trade delegation to Singapore and Vietnam, to take place during 27 March – 2 April 2022 (Covid-19 conditions permitting).

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EU Commissioner for Agriculture Janusz Wojciechowski will lead the delegation, accompanied by a delegation of senior representatives of European companies/producer organisations of the agri-food sector. This visit will combine official meetings of Commissioner Wojciechowski with the relevant governmental counterparts, and promotion activities attended by the business delegation. The latter may include seminars on the characteristics of the local market and the consumer trends, retail and site visits; networking opportunities; visit to the FHA fair in Singapore.

Senior level representatives from both producer organisations and individual companies are welcome to take part. Participants are expected to attend the whole programme. Only one person per company/organisation will officially take part in the business delegation.

The Swedish Board of Agriculture describes it as a “good opportunity to make contacts in Southeast Asia for business opportunities in the beverage and food sector”.

“Southeast Asia is an interesting market from an export point of view. The area is a major importer of agricultural and food products and is characterized by continued GDP growth and a growing population. The EU’s free trade agreement also provides for duty-free treatment for all agri-food products and beer for export to Singapore. In the same way, the EU’s free trade agreement with Vietnam means that tariffs on most products will gradually be reduced to zero,” says Susanna Axelsson, trade policy investigator.

The Swedish Board of Agriculture monitors an EU committee on behalf of Sweden, where funds are distributed each year to industry and interest organizations to carry out marketing campaigns. Part of the annual budget goes to events such as trade delegations where companies and organizations in agriculture and food production are welcome to participate.

The participants shall cover their travel and accommodation expenses. Other representatives may accompany the group but might be refused to take part in certain events if the size of the group needs to be kept limited.

Interested organisations/companies are invited to complete the online application form by 30 November 2021. Participation to be confirmed by 15 December.

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