EuroCham: Survey on the European Union-Singapore Free Trade Agreement

The European Union-Singapore Free Trade Agreement (EUSFTA) has been in force for over a year and EuroCham now needs your help in understanding what impact the agreement has had on your business. To get the best feedback, EuroCham has conducted an online survey.

More about the survey:

“The EUSFTA was entered into force on 21 Nov 2019 and is the first FTA signed between the EU and an ASEAN country. The EUSFTA should benefit businesses from improved market access, including the elimination of customs duties, greater access to services sectors, and the reduction of technical and non-tariff barriers. They should also have more opportunities to participate in government procurement projects in the EU, and benefit from enhanced Intellectual Property Rights protection, amongst others.

As the EUSFTA has now been in force for 16 months, EuroCham is keen to understand the impact of the agreement on your business and industry. If the agreement is applicable for your business and if so how do you use it? According to your point of view, where are the gaps in the agreement? 

As such Eurocham is seeking your feedback in this survey. The results of this survey will be shared with EU and Singaporean authorities and stakeholders to highlight the impact of the EUSFTA. Deadline May 11, 2021.” 

Respond to the survey here

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