Learn about the future of connected vehicles in Singapore, Malaysia, The Philippines, and Vietnam

The European Chambers of Singapore, Malaysia, The Philippines, and Vietnam invite you to join their upcoming webinar covering the future of connected vehicles in Singapore, Malaysia, the Philippines, and Vietnam on 11 April.

More about the event, EuroCham writes:

The Asia Pacific Connected Cars market is anticipated to register a Compound annual growth rate (CAGR) greater than 19% during the forecast period (2020 – 2025). Vehicles today are equipped with various electronics and machinery equipment. But significant technological developments made over the last decade have let rise to connected cars come in use today and it is expected to evolve in the future. Connected cars improve road safety, facilitate anti-theft features, and assist the driver by exchanging critical information between nearby infrastructure and vehicles.

The only threat is China, the fastest-growing region for an automotive technology manufacturers. But as of 2019, Europe has the second largest market share in the connected cars market. Europe is known for its extensive technological OEMs, which work in domains such as in-car entertainment, navigation, and in-car connectivity (for example, through Bluetooth), which have evolved rapidly over the last decade. The top three automotive groups – Volkswagen, PSA, and Renault Nissan Alliance – account for almost half of the connected car shipments in Europe, primarily because they have been leading the passenger car sales in the region. ASEAN will need to step up its approach toward connected vehicles and adopt a more positive mindset about the benefits they can provide. Being one of the largest untapped markets in the world, ASEAN holds the capability to adapt and develop connected vehicles better and faster than anyone else.

In this webinar, we will feature the key market trends driving factors of the growth in this new market. We will answer a very important question in the webinar, “Is ASEAN ready to invest in the connected cars market and the required infrastructure to decrease the number of road accidents and to meet the higher demand for vehicle management?” We will hear from governments, international safety originations, and significant industry players in the ASEAN market about how they are working together to use information-sharing and connectivity to improve road safety further and provide the citizens with a more comfortable driving experience.

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