FBCS held entrepreneurship seminar in Singapore

n Thursday, March 23, Finnish Business Council Singapore, Team Finland and SF100 Singapore organised the second ‘Finland – Singapore – Facing Common Challenges’ Dialogue Series session: ‘Growth without Boundaries – Revelations by Entrepreneurs’.

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The honoured guest speakers were Peter Vesterbacka and Grace Clapham. Vesterbacka is best known as the former Mighty Eagle at Rovio Entertainment, a start-up pioneer and an advocate for education. He believes in technology as the enabler of better learning. Grace Clapham is an award-winning entrepreneur. She is passionate about connecting people to themselves and the world around them in order to catalyse change and re-design their lives with meaning.

Photo: © 2017 Marica Salokangas

The speakers discussed cultural differences between Europe and Asia as well as Finland and Singapore and how they affect people’s attitudes towards entrepreneurship. The speakers also underlined the importance of courage, cultural intelligence, risk-taking and ability to face failures in order to make a change and do something new or different. They both stressed that role models and a supportive environment are crucial in the process. To summarise, in the words of Grace Clapham: “Failing is learning.”

The event was generously sponsored by AaltoEE.

Author : Laura Ranin
Photos: © 2017 Marica Salokangas

Source: Finnish Business Council Singapore

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