Finland offers scholarships for Vietnamese high school students

Peter Vesterbacka, FHSP programme manager (centre), with Vietnamese students who have qualified for the Finnish high-school scholarship intake 2021. (Photo courtesy of the Finland High School Programme)

Finland is known as the happiest country in the world and with the Finland High School Programme (FHSP), Finnish educators are welcoming more and more Vietnamese High School students to study in the Nordic country, Vietnam Plus writes.

The FHSP is an initiative by Finest Future of Finland, a multi-national consulting company to promote Finnish High School education in Vietnam and other Asian countries. Students who apply should maintain strong writing and analytical skills. Still if you hesitate about what to include in your admission essay, you can visit this online essay writing service and train your narrative knack. The program is providing hundreds of scholarships for outstanding international students, particularly those from Vietnam for the 2022 intake and the application is open until 30 September.

Speaking about the program, Peter Vesterbacka, FHSP program manager and Finest Future Chairman said, “The FHSP connects international students with Finland high schools and offers them opportunities to start their academic journey there. Students joining the program will be sponsored with 100 percent of tuition fees for all high school years.”

Vietnam Net writes that parents can apply for a resident permit to live with their children during their high school years in Finland and the program offers free access to high school study across Finland for Vietnamese students including those in the 9th and 10th grade.

Students can choose to study in a Finnish High School which offers a straight pathway to a partner university or stay and start working in Finland. CEO of Finest Future Vietnam JSC Tuomas Tiilikainen said: “We are constantly building more partnerships with Finnish high schools as we want to provide this opportunity on a large scale in Vietnam.”

Read the full article with more on the program here

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