Embassy of Finland in Singapore say goodbye to Deputy Head of Missions Ritva Naumanen

In a recent update, the Embassy of Finland in Singapore said goodbye to Ritva Naumanen who has worked as Deputy Head of Missions at the Embassy in Singapore for the past three years.

In her goodbye letter shared by the Embassy, Ritva Naumanen writes that the past years in Singapore have been fun, joyful, and amazingly rewarding. 

 “The past Covid times have taught me flexibility, creativity, and deeper meaning of the kiasu and kiasi culture. I am grateful and honored for being able to get to know so many wonderful people both professionally and personally over the past three years. Without their friendship, support, and collaboration, my time here would not have been the same. I will cherish all our achievements together.” 

Ritva Naumanen is excited to go back to Finland to stay close to her family and start working for the External Economic Relations Department at MFA Finland to promote the internationalization of Finnish enterprises.  

Read Ritva Naumanen’s goodbye letter here and make sure to watch the Embassy of Finland in Singapore’s goodbye video posted on their Facebook page. 

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