Georg Jensen moves production of Christmas decoration to Thailand

The Danish designer company Georg Jensen has for decades manufactured its iconic and world-known Christmas decorations at its factory in Hjørring Denmark, but this year’s collection will be the last as the company is moving the manufacturing to its factory in Thailand.

NordJyske reports that by moving the Christmas decoration manufacturing to Thailand, Georg Jensen will close its production in Hjørring and up to 15 employees will lose their jobs in making Christmas decorations at the factory. The factory employs a total of between 30 and 35 permanent employees.

Responsible for the operation of Georg Jensen, COO John Helms, explains the closure with the group’s strategy of fewer production sites. “We are constantly looking at our production strategy. It is a matter of streamlining our value chain and concentrating production in fewer places. That is why we gather the production at our factory in Thailand,” he says.

When asked if it’s a question of economy, John Helms admits that that is of course a factor. “The main purpose is to combine production so that we produce fewer places. Having relatively small production sites spread across the world is complex for us to manage” he says.

John Helms explains that it is about costs but that it is not only a cost-driven decision, “it is a streamlining of our value chain.”

According to John Helms, the group’s factory in Hjørring has produced various product categories for 40-45 years. Previously production also included cutlery and jewelry, which today is being produced in Thailand.

“Our focus at the moment is to find as good solutions as possible for the employees who are affected”, John Helms says and points out that the group will continue to have its warehouse and distribution center in Hjørring, which employs approximately the same number as the factory.

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  1. I’m trying to buy a box for the Christmas Angel & Heart mine got damaged in a move London said they couldn’t help . Is there any where I can get one it’s a double box I buy my grandchildren the decorations every year Yours sincerely Sheila Russell

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