How online games can change people for the better

Online games play a big role in the modern model of society, when people meet less and communicate more remotely.

MMO projects fit perfectly into this model of people interacting and enjoying games, but contrary to the established opinion of society that such projects are simply a waste of time, and instead they develop many social and personal skills that can cover up all the negative aspects in favor of personal progress.


Many people, by nature and the echoes of upbringing and social pressure, grow up very closed, and online games can greatly help remove this psychological pressure that prevents them from adapting to society.

The fact is that such games are directly related to the interaction of players, even if you abandon society and play absolutely alone, then, firstly, you will miss most of the interesting content, such as raids, which are only available for groups and, secondly, secondly, you will still meet players in battles against each other for spots and simply in cities and locations, because there are always not enough monsters for everyone, especially in the evening after work.

Even if you buy WoW services, it will greatly help you in material and strengthening terms, but will not solve the problem in communication.

To progress in levels on any character and get as much experience and interesting gameplay as possible, you need to play in a group, but not in all potential game cases.

For example, to complete quests that tell about a general storyline where you need to destroy certain monsters and transfer orders. Here you don’t need allies, and you can handle it yourself, with the exception perhaps of supports, who are better off completing quests together with attacking heroes, because this way the quests will be completed faster.

Another example is raids. You simply physically will not be able to complete any raid alone due to the high damage and health indicator of the boss – the main goal of the entire raid.

Dungeons need to be visited for the sake of loot, and therefore players are ready to gather in groups and claim high-level equipment and weapons that are almost impossible to obtain in any other way.

A defensive character should join the group, who will withstand all the main incoming damage and not die from the first attacks, with the support of a healer, of course. The remaining positions will be occupied by a buffer, who will cast a strengthening spell on the entire group, and the remaining positions will be occupied by attacking characters, who will use the freedom of action provided by the tank and healer and cause damage until the boss dies, along with their retinue.

When solving difficult problems, players often reveal their best or worst sides, but since shyness can be called a squeezed good side, you will gradually begin to communicate, at least in the game chat.

Mutual support and trust, tips from more experienced raid participants, will help you complete raids more comfortably and share trophies with the whole group.


Many people have natural leadership skills that are not realized due to various reasons, often related to the same reasons as embarrassment.

Leading human players means controlling the entire surrounding process and knowing the probability of success of any action or event.

If we look at the example of the same raid, then by independently recruiting a group to kill the boss, you will be in complete control of the process and in case of success or defeat you will be fully responsible to yourself and other group members for the decisions made.

Not everyone has to be a leader, even despite obvious inclinations. It is important to want to lead people, otherwise it is simply self-abuse, which will not end in anything good other than accumulating a level of irritation.

Sometimes it is better to be a deputy, or an active assistant, than a full-fledged leader, which is what many players use, relieving themselves of the burden of responsibility and at the same time enjoying the gameplay.


People are not always distinguished by courage, and some do not feel such emotions at all throughout their lives, being afraid of everything and everyone.

Online games gradually lead players to the idea of taking risks, betting big and small risks that affect the overall outcome, but in fact do not lead to any serious consequences.

You can attack a stronger monster and if you kill it, you will gain experience, and if you die, you will lose part of the experience you earned – the risk is not great.

You can attack a player who is preventing you from earning World of Warcraft gold and also receive coins of valor for killing a representative of the enemy faction, but this is always a risk, because in a battle there is always a chance that you will lose it, no matter who attacked the first enemy.

These are all very conditional risks that you will learn to let pass within yourself and try, provided that you at least once experience two emotions at once – when you acted confidently, and when you folded, thinking about the consequences.

In the real world, you will not always show your character, especially if things could come to a fight – if a person does not have the habit of responding aggressively, then simply due to established behavior you will not respond systematically.

In online games, nothing physically puts pressure on you, and you can only lose abstract things like the level of WoW gold and other features that are valued to a greater extent by the hours you spent getting them.

Therefore, having decided to start PVP once, you will want to do it a second time and a third time, and gradually, having become familiar with the main features and subtleties and feeling your capabilities, you will gradually begin to project and transfer your knowledge into the real world, which will greatly help you in adapting to society.

Conclusions about the benefits of online games

Online games not only take up time in the lives of many players, but they are also a place of escape from various life problems, although this does not mean that all players play them for this reason.

Often, players are interested in staying in an MMO RPG until the main requests regarding society are resolved, and then that’s it – experience is gained and the buy WoW gold may no longer be needed and will simply need to be resold, or distributed to those who still play on this server in the world of Azeroth.


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