How to Choose The Best Remote Data Science Course

We live in a world of new technologies where computers and software provide almost unlimited possibilities for online learning. Practically, every person can upgrade their knowledge by getting a fundamental theory from data science courses and practical skills required for data science. Fortunately, many resources can help you to do it without problems. Nowadays, it’s possible to find tons of free data science courses to learn something new.  

In this article, we are going to review the best online data science courses that can be very useful for anyone. Some courses can be free but others may require payment if you want to get a certification about completing a particular course. 

7 Best Online Data Science Courses

View our top online data science courses to select the most suitable for your needs. Upgrade your knowledge and learn data science online effectively without wasting your precious time!

  1. Data Science Specialization. The course’s provider is Johns Hopkins University that did a great job. This course series includes a complete section on statistics that is usually missed in many other online data science courses. Please pay attention that you need to have some experience in programming and also a good understanding of the main principles of Algebra. Knowledge of Linear Algebra and Calculus is not necessary but if you have it, this will be quite helpful. Overall, this online course is a great mix of theory and application that uses the R programming language. You can get this course for free or pay $49/month to get a certificate and graded materials.  
  2. Introduction to Data Science. This is a great course from Metis Data Science company that got a high rate from users – 4.8/5 on CourseReport and 4.9/5 on SwitchUp. It’s a long and serious course for six weeks that has all the needed materials about the data science process. It includes only a live online course by a data scientist from a well-known company. This course requires payment, and the price is $750 for 6 weeks of studying. After completing the course, a person gets a certificate and continuing education units. Two nights per week, you can ask your instructor questions and get help if something in the course isn’t understood well.  
  3. Applied Data Science with Python Specialization. The provider of this online course is the University of Michigan. Thanks to this fantastic course, you can get a strong knowledge of commonly used Python libraries. The course does not contain statistics for data science but it provides a breakdown of how to use machine learning algorithms in Python. In fact, this course will be good for someone who knows the R programming language and is learning statistical concepts. If you are now sure that you are good with statistics, then look at the course Statistics with Python Specialization. It will give you important statistical skills that are needed for data science. Overall, the online course is free, but the price will be $49/month if you want to get a certificate and graded materials.  
  4. Data Science MicroMasters. The provider of this online course is UC San Diego. It is a serious course that does not spend any time teaching concepts of the Python programming language, so you have to be familiar with it. If your knowledge isn’t enough, you can get experience using a learning platform Treehouse to receive the needed level of knowledge. The whole course MicroMasters is a great mix of application and theory with many lectures and practical tasks. This online course is free to learn, and if you want to receive a certificate and graded materials, you have to pay $1,260.   
  5. DataQuest. This is a fantastic resource for those people who want to learn online. It offers impressive video lessons and interactive textbooks to get the needed knowledge. Every subject in data science contains interactive coding steps that provide how to apply the received information practically. Dataquest stands out from other online platforms because its lessons are well-organized, the person learns by working on many data science projects, and it also has a helpful Slack community where every user can ask questions. The ⅓ of the whole content goes for free, and you need to pay $29/month for Basic, and $49/month for Premium level.

  6. CS109 Data Science. This is an online course by Harvard University that combines theory and application. If you are only getting started in data science, this is the best course to pay attention to. This course does not offer any certifications but it is worth your time, and in addition, it is totally free so you do not have to pay anything. This course uses Python programming language and it covers learning through real-world problems. This is a unique online course that touches every part of the data science process. 
  7. Statistics and Data Science MicroMasters. This is a course from the University of Michigan that dedicates more attention to statistics than the UC San Diego MicroMasters we have mentioned above. You should get some experience with Python programming because this course doesn’t offer an introduction to R or Python. So, if your experience isn’t enough or you don’t have it at all, you can use Treehouse to learn Python. This online data science course is free but if you want to get a certificate and graded materials, you have to pay $1,350.   

Final thoughts 

There are many online data science courses to provide new experiences and get knowledge for anyone who wants to learn something new. Whether you are interested in recommender systems, data warehouse concepts, or computer vision applications, it’s easy to find a good online course. Our modern world gives every person almost unlimited possibilities for learning. 

Also, remember, if you have good knowledge in a particular area and want to share it with others, you can also create your own paid or free data science course. In addition to actual knowledge in a field, you will also need a reliable recording tool to make screen record on Windows 10 or Mac. The material of any course should be available for anyone who wants to upgrade their level and get new knowledge and skills.

Boost your experience and get new knowledge from the comfort of your home!  

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