Huawei contracted to deploy LTE mobile network in Finland

Ukkoverkot, a mobile service provider in Finland, and Huawei today announced that they have signed a contract to deploy commercial LTE 450MHz network. Huawei is contracted to provide an end-to-end network solution, including base stations and devices, to ensure the smooth migration from CDMA 450MHz to LTE 450MHz for Ukkoverkot network customers in Finland. Ukkoverkot only offers mobile data service to consumer and business customers. fin_huawei

Huawei said that this is the first time a commercial LTE 450MHz has been deployed anywhere in the world. It added that each 450MHz base station can cover twice the footprint of an 800MHz base station and up to 20 times the footprint of a single 2.6GHz node, hence reduces network investment dramatically and shortens service launch time.

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