IKEA Singapore announces a range of new sustainability offerings

IKEA Singapore has announced a range of new sustainability offerings and initiatives from food to furniture. They have expanded to more products made of waste materials, natural fibres like bamboo and wood, and textiles that are responsibly produced in a sustainable industrial environment.
At the same time they are striving to ensure that by 2025, 50% of main meals offered in the IKEA Restaurants will be plant-based, significantly increasing the range of affordable, nutritious, and delicious food choices available to customers.

Last year, 73% of all material sourced for IKEA’s range was renewable or recycled – from the ODGER Chair created from a mix of renewable wood and recycled plastic, to the RÅGRUND bathroom series made from sustainable, fast-growing and hard-wearing bamboo.

IKEA Singapore has announced a new partnership with leading classifieds marketplace Carousell, to deliver a first-of-its-kind Secondhand Showroom and an incentivised rewards programme. From 21 April to 30 June 2022, IKEA and Carousell will reward customers that take steps towards extending the shelf life of IKEA products through secondhand transactions or by engaging in free-cycling. For more information, visit IKEA.sg/secondchances.

IKEA’s early days began in Älmhult, Sweden and it is clear that its founder, Ingvar Kamprad’s dream to create a better life for people, no matter their budget, knows no bounds as the company steps into this ‘new normal’ of the current times where the focus is so heavily on sustainability and preserving the world that we live in.

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