IME Singapore: Stay relevant in this constantly changing world of business

IME Singapore: Stay relevant in this constantly changing world of business

In the times where ‘good-old-fashioned’ industries and business models are under extreme pressure, the employers are looking for new configurations, new products and services and new business models. They are increasingly searching for digital marketers and developers, as well as people for roles in big data and ‘growth hacking’, which involves identifying the most effective ways to grow a business.

The competition on the job market is fiercer than ever before, but have you asked yourself ‘What will the workforce look like once artificial intelligence (AI) takes over and starts replacing White-Collar jobs?’ According to the Forrester’s reports by 2025, robots will replace 7% of jobs in US, starting with customer service representatives and eventually truck and taxi drivers. Solutions powered by AI/cognitive technology will displace jobs, with the biggest impact felt in transportation, logistics, customer service and consumer services,” sounds from Forrester’s Brian Hopkins. This can apply on many markets worldwide. And while in the transportation industry, Uber, Google and Tesla are already working on driver-less cars, similar technology shift for replacing the expensive human resources is happening in many industries.

IME Singapore: Stay relevant in this constantly changing world of businessThink about the future where online teaching is completely replacing traditional class rooms, or where your general practitioner is being replaced by a robot nurse or a doctor that can diagnose you online.

Such times of extreme changes requires managers who understand oneself and understand the inevitability of increasing transparency.

“At IME Singapore our mission is to help you to better navigate in such ever-changing world,” says Asger Daugbjerg, VP at IME Singapore.

Asger Daugbjerg
Asger Daugbjerg, VP at IME Singapore.

“We believe that in the times, where one’s industry knowledge can become worthless overnight, if the game rules and business model are fundamentally changed and the competition no longer comes from competitors alone but from entirely new technologies, lifelong learning is more relevant than ever. We can’t protect you from being hit-hard by business disruption, but we can equip you with the top managerial skills needed to stay relevant in this constantly changing world of business. The IME Mini MBA program is for you who seek a greater insight into your business, disregarding your background,” Asger Daugbjerg, IME Singapore, says.

He continues:

“The program is a unique combination of the core business areas such as Strategy, Marketing, Finance and the continuous focus on Leadership and Personal Development. It will equip you with the skills that will increase your understanding of the business dynamics as well as understanding of yourself as a professional as well as a private person.”

To find out more about the Mini MBA at IME Singapore visit the IME website and sign up for a free Online Info Meeting.

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