Join EurpCham PH’s masterclass for leaders of Filipino teams

The European Chamber of Commerce of the Philippines invites leaders of Filipino teams to sign up for their upcoming Masterclass event: Rapid Culture Change – the Philippines on 7 October.

More about the event:

As a leader or change agent of a team in the Philippines, have you ever thought to yourself:

“If only our employees would stop being so ‘difficult’ and use ‘common sense’ – we would be hitting our targets and our customers would never need to complain”

“If only our team members would speak up and collaborate more effectively – we would be more proactive in problem-solving and there would be less conflict and stress”

“If only we could trust our staff more to take full ownership and accountability of their work – there would be no need for micro-management. Instead, we would be able to spend more time on strategic initiatives that protect and grow our business and our people.”

If so, you are not alone. Many leaders feel disappointed that their organization has not made more progress in developing a work culture where teams, at all levels in the organization, effectively collaborate and proactively solve problems to make things better daily (without leaders needing to constantly follow up). Instead, many leaders, department heads, and process owners feel exhausted from constantly pushing against resistance that always tries to defend and justify the status quo.

Why copying western or Japanese solutions will not work in the Philippines:

Despite hundreds of books and thousands of case studies around the world talking about the benefits of creating a continuous improvement culture (such as Lean, Kaizen, Agile & TQM), the brutal reality is that most organizations in the Philippines (and other countries in Southeast Asia) that attempt to create a more innovative and productive work culture still struggle to get anywhere near the potential breakthrough results that they are capable of.

It’s the same old story:

Employees resist, managers become overwhelmed, and performance gains are not sustained. Yet another change initiative buried in the “corporate graveyard”. Yet another transformation program that fails to deliver on its promise. But what if there was a way for you to create a real continuous improvement culture in your company in the Philippines that would bypass all these mistakes? A way for you to see rapid and sustainable results in your teams’ performance in just a few weeks without disrupting the day-to-day responsibilities of your staff. A way for you to create a more productive and proactive workforce with minimal effort and resistance. An approach that is custom fit for the Filipino workforce.

In this masterclass, attendees will:

Fully understand why force-feeding western or Japanese management solutions in the Philippines does not work (and one thing business leaders need to do differently). Acquire a simple and easy-to-use framework for creating a “disruption-proof” turnaround in performance (even if the pandemic continues for another 12 months). Uncover the invisible limiting beliefs in the minds of some of your frontline supervisors that are causing them to be stuck in their comfort zones (and the exact steps you need to take to get them to break free). Realize how simple and fast it is to create a real continuous improvement culture when you are following the right sequence and leveraging the right tools Identify the secret ingredient of effective culture change in the Philippines (without it, all plans to improve performance will most likely go to waste). Discover how you can best influence your boss to say YES to supporting your idea (regardless of the nature of your team’s work or if your staff are all working from home)

This Masterclass is perfect for:

Leaders and change agents of Filipino teams who already have a successful track record in improving performance, but are looking for more ways of accelerating growth in the simplest, fastest, and most sustainable way possible, even if… Your team has a history of being resistant to change. You currently don’t have the “political support” you need to make all the changes you are seeking. You have had a negative experience in the past with trying to drive performance transformation and culture change (for example using Lean, Kaizen, Agile, TQM, or similar methodologies).

This event is in partnership with the British Chamber of Commerce of the Philippines (BCCP), the German-Philippine Chamber of Commerce and Industry (GPCCI), the Nordic Chamber of Commerce of the Philippines (NordCham Philippines), and Kaizen Leadership Asia.

Find more information and sign up here

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