Jorgen Lundbaek celebrated his 25th birthday for the 3rd time

Well-known Danish businessman Jorgen Lundbaek, owner of Mermaid Hotel Bangkok among others, celebrated on 12 October his 75 year birthday with a big party. But when people asked him, he laughed and said he was only celebrating his 25 years birthday – for the third time.

“Just wait until I celebrate it for the fourth time – then we will have big party!,” he said.

The party was big enough as it was. Friends and businesspartners and regular guests filled the Captains Pub and the new Conrad’s Deli restaurant from 6 o’clock. And all had a good time with great food and good company.

Jorgen came top Thailand in 1966 – yes, that is 53 years ago! That makes Jorgen Lundbaek the longest staying Dane in Thailand. His colourful story has been told and re-told many times. ScandAsia readers will enjoy this story from the magazine:


In 2014, he celebrated his 70 year birthday with another big party. Below is a report from that 70 year birthday. Great fun!

Jorgen Lundbaek’s big 70 year birthday party


A few years ago, ScandAsia talked to him about his past many years in Thailand – and how it all started. That resulted in this story:

Jorgen Lundbaek 50 years in Thailand


You want to know about his time in the Vietnamese jungle. Read this one then:

Dane Stays Put To Make Maritime Safety His Business


Too bad there is 25 years to the next party – maybe he will throw an in-betweener?



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