906 breeding pigs from Denmark to China

One of China’s top pig farming companies, the Thai agricultural giant CP Pokpand, have flown in 906 breeding pigs from Denmark, China’s customs said on Wednesday, in the first import of live pigs in a year.

The pigs arrived on a charter flight already in August but are now released from quarantine in Xiangyang city in central Hubei province to do thir duty and breed, reports Reuters.

It is the first import of live breeding stock since African swine fever began spreading through China over a year ago, reducing demand for breeding animals as farmers tried to fight off the deadly, contagious disease by culling their pigs and making quarantine of imported pigs more complicated.

The pigs were supplied by DanBred, which is majority owned by SEGES, the research arm of the Danish Agriculture and Food Council. The company declined to comment on the value of the deal.

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