Opportunity: Journalist Internship at ScandAsia in Bangkok

ScandAsia invites under-graduate media students to apply for internship during the 6 month period from 1 February 2024 and until 31 July 2024. Future media professionals who are looking for a great place for an internship are welcome to apply.

As an intern at ScandMedia/ ScandAsia, you will first and foremost practice writing news and features in a real production environment including taking or sourcing photos and edit two versions of your story – one for the news portal ScandAsia.com and the other for the magazine ScandAsia.  Your daily task will be to find and write under some time pressure typically up to six news per day. The articles span from hard news like crime to the softer human interest stories. But when you identify a feature or a portrait that you would like to create – maybe even using multi-media – you will be given the time for this.  If you would like to experiment with other media like video or podcast, we will support you in that.

Objectives of the internship:
The purpose of the internship is to provide the trainee with the best possible practical training in a production environment – keeping in mind the student’s further journalistic studies and job dreams after graduation. We prepare together an individual plan for the half year internship. The trainee will learn how to fast and efficiently find the relevant news, and select and prioritise the stories relevant to a niche target group like ScandAsia’s. In average, at least 4 – 6 news items should be produced daily in order for the student to build up a routine in working under time pressure.

Most of the time, the intern will work from the editorial office in Bangkok, but there will be field assignments domestically as well as through traveling to one of the surrounding countries during the internship period. It is likely that you will be working alongside another intern and you will be able to alternate periods in the office and on the road.

Requirements for applicants:
The ScandAsia magazine and website is in English and many interviews will be conducted in English. Therefore, it is a requirement that the trainee is good at written as well as spoken English. In addition, the basic journalistic skills as well as the ability to work independently with diverse working tasks are required. There will be ongoing guidance and post-criticism of the intern’s work, but it is also expected that the trainee takes a clear co-responsibility for the internship being as rewarding and educational as possible.

Transportation and residency requirement:
ScandAsia’s editorial office is located in northern Bangkok. Due to the notoriously heavy traffic in Bangkok, it is an advantage if you live near the editorial office. A previous intern lived 500 meter from the editorial office in a 25 sqm room with separate bathroom with hot water and a small balcony for less than 140 USD per month (5000 THB). Current intern pays 220 USD (8000 THB) for more space and a small kitchenette. If money is not an issue, condominiums downtown near Bangkok’s nightlife costs around 700 USD (25.000 THB) per month.

Transportation from the office to downtown Bangkok takes about 40 minutes by taxi. The nearest Skytrains are the BTS skytrain stations “Sena Nikom” or “Kasetsart University“. A new skytrain line “Pink Line” which is even closer to the office will be operating by the time you arrive.

Information in Danish language: https://scandasia.com/wp-content/uploads/2023/09/Praktik-paa-ScandAsia-ScandMedia.pdf

You can email requests to: Editor Gregers Møller – [email protected] – tel: +66 81629 0117. You are welcome to call with any question you may have – but please call during normal working hours in Bangkok.


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