Ladyboys from Thailand to serve in new Danish night club

The famous Danish comedian and restaurant manager Casper Christensen has opened a night club where the waiters are ladyboys imported from Thailand.

Casper Christensen, a Danish comedian who is mainly known from the sitcom “Klovn” just opened a night club in inner Copenhagen called “Sunday”.
Together with the two event managers Simon Frank and Simon Lennet he has launched a night club that challenges the norms for standard clubbing.

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One of the features in the new club is the Ladyboys, who have been flown directly to Copenhagen from Bangkok. They will serve the cocktails in the club.

The idea is to create a club and an atmosphere, where the guests will forget time and place and push the boarders for what a night out can contain.
“As with anything else in this odd world the limits are constantly moving for what a night club experience can be. We believe that if you want to entertain people, you have to create the frame that allows the challenges, and add people who are willing to challenge,” Simon Frank tells the Copenhagen City Guide, AOK.

There will also be installed telephones in the new club, because a so called scrambler will be installed in the club which will destroy the signal to mobile phones. In addition to that it will be banned to take pictures, because it should not be an option to create posts to Instagram.

Source: AOK

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  1. They most absolutely do other services, as they could never get a workpermit as cocktail waiters !!

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