Singaporean chefs visit Food Festival in Copenhagen

Danish restaurant Namnam has invited street kitchen chefs from Singapore to join the Copenhagen Street Food Festival taking place at Vesterbro Torv in the weekend. The Danish master chef Claus Meyer tells that, when chefs from Michelin awarded restaurants are led around to the best street kitchens of Singapore, they experience a pleasure, similar to what others would feel after visiting Red Light District. That was how he expressed it after a visit in the southeast Asian city state. And now the Copenhagen citizens and other food interested people can taste the Singaporean food, when four representatives from legendary street kitchens in Singapore will cook their favorite street food at Vesterbro Torv.

In Singapore the small street kitchens are called hawkers, and during the weekend of the festival, Vesterbro Torv will be the “hawker-centre”.

The names of the guest chefs are:

Wee Liang Lian, Restaurant Wee Nam Kee

Bjorn Shen. Artichoke

Devagi Sanmugam, Epicurian World

Matthew Kelvin Mok, The Rabbit Stash

Read more about the festival Copenhagen Cooking (in Danish), here.


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