LRP Essentials – Gifting Digitally Transformed in time for the 2021 Holiday Season

LR Paris, the international product marketing agency that creates the gifts handed out by the White House and Rolls-Royce, has leveraged a Covid induced slowdown to launch “LRP Essentials” – an online platform for corporate gifts and branded products that completely reinvents the traditional process of gift buying for businesses.

The new site, envisioned by Ms. Claire Souchet, GM LR Paris Thailand, and Mike Darnel, the MD of Bangkok based digital agency, went live just in time for the holiday-gift buying rush. It offers corporate buyers fast and easy access to the world’s most iconic corporate gift collections.

This isn’t the first time the duo are innovating collaboratively. Their previous brainchild is the highly successful business acceleration network, active in Bangkok since 2018.

Holiday season gifts are fundamental for business relationships in Thailand and throughout Asia.

Choosing the right gift helps cement company relationships that are critical for success. In other words, selecting the perfect gift is serious business.

Creating custom corporate gifts is traditionally subject to industry lead times of 4-6 months. To make things worse COVID-19 has completely disrupted supply chain timelines this year, posing a serious challenge for most marketing directors and CEOs, and leaving many with little hope for having a holiday-season gift ready in time for December. Thanks to LRP Essentials these people now have another chance to get their gifts ready in time and avoid damaging working relationships into 2021.

LRP Essentials offers another advantage over the traditional procurement process – It’s an entirely self-serve process that allows corporate buyers to complete within minutes a quote request that traditionally takes 2-3 days.

The website focuses on a limited range of products. It sacrifices product-range in favor of better customization, design, scalability and turnaround times. The trade-off is based on the unique insights LR Paris has gained from its decades in the industry- While there are an endless range of gift products on offer, the three most popular and impactful selections, which account for over 70% of the market are bags, pens, and notebooks.

By offering shorter lead times, self-serve functionality, and better pricing, for these items in particular LRP Essentials aims to solve the current challenges in the process of commissioning and ordering branded products and establish new benchmarks for accessibility, speed, and convenience for this $125-billion-dollars-a-year industry. So far this approach is already enabling the new venture to reduce project times and costs by as much as 30%-50%.


For Digital Transformation represents an entirely new understanding of the processes and customs that form the baseline for how the corporate gift and branded product industry operates,” said Claire. “We continue to improve the site based on customer feedback and look forward to helping companies plan their corporate gifts for the upcoming holiday season”.



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