Malaysia loves Danish badminton player

Hans Kristian Vittinghus is number 9 at the world ranking list over Mens Single Classification in badminton, but to Malaysia the Danish badminton player is number one.

Earlier this week, on August 20, 2015, he posted an overview over his 12.793 Facebook-fans. To everyone’s surprise most of his fans were not Danish – they were Malaysian! In fact more than 20% of his fans are Malaysians. In comparison his Danish fans on facebook only consists of 2.114. This means the Dane is more popular in Asia than in his home country.


His survey shows people from more than 50 countries has given him their ”like” on Facebook and makes the Danish badminton player a popular man. While being most popular in the South East Asian countries he also won the heart of new fans of 594 Indonesians during World Championship in badminton.

Next time the fans can see their hero in action will be at the Japan Open in Tokyo which is held the middle of September 2015.

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